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Changan Bus Makes Big Progress in Middle East

In the beginning of 2015, Changan Bus made considerable progress in Middle East market, with its first 20 units of 9m school bus arriving in Middle East. In April, Changan Bus sent a service team to the market and provided a comprehensive after-sales and maintenance guidance to the customer, which was highly praised by the clients.

In June, the ME market was further explored with another order for 50 units of school bus, while a new contract for 310 units of school bus has been signed, which made a good foundation for Changan Bus’ opening and establishing a new core market.
Depending on the perfect performance of the 20 units of school bus and the good reputation of the second-hand bus in the local market, more and more customers in ME trust in Changan Bus and showed willingness to establish long-term cooperation relationship with it. We believe that Changan Bus will achieve great success in the ME market in the near future.
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