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Sales of Changan indigenous Cars Break 40,000 units in Janua

Continuing the trend of 2012’s second half that indigenous cars continued to have good sales, Changan indigenous cars achieved unprecedented sales breakthrough of 41,028 units in January of 2013, increased by 163.2% year to year. Among them, EADO, CS35 became the major models that led the breakthrough. What has Changan’s indigenous models relied on to boost their market performance? With this question, correspondents dived into Changan’s dealer network in Chongqing to find the answer.
Product power is the absolute principle.
"Sales of Changan cars in the whole region of Chongqing in January reached 1,730 units, increased by 91.37% year on year, among which EADO was 541 units, CS35 602 units." Mr. Tang Wei, the manager of the Southwest regional division of the Sales Business Department of Changan Automobile, introduced to the reporter that the indigenous-brand product power of Changan car has obvious enhancement for the recent two years, along with Changan’s continuous investment on independent R&D and core technology, and the continuous input to indigenous-brand products. Especially since last year when series of indigenous cars, such as CS35, EADO, Alsvin V3 and Alsvin V5 were launched into market in succession, Changan welcomes the "season" of indigenous brands.  "With continuous output of high quality products in line with market demand, and that Changan’s product spectrum gradually becomes complete, the dealers have more confidence." Mr. Tang said.


Take two representative 4S shops of Changan cars in Chongqing urban area for example, Nanping 4S shop sold 239 units in January, increased by 206% year on year; Fengshang 4S shop in Auto Center sold 226 units in January, increased by 41.2% year on year. Among the models in the market, especially EADO and CS35 are in short supply. In December of 2012, when CS35 was launched into market, its capacity couldn't keep up with the demand. A lot of customers were insisting on waiting for this model, sometimes they were willing to get CS35 for a higher price.
"Product power is formed by nature, so our products are required to have reliable quality and can withstand consumers’comparison and choice.”Mr. Chen Yu, the sales manager of Fengshang 4S shop in Auto Center, mentioned a memorable sales story. Last December, Mr. Li, a customer from Qianjiang to Chongqing on business, came to the shop to buy a CS35 by the way. But the only CS35 in the shop was reserved by another customer, who was on the way to take the car. Mr. Li said: "I'm going to buy the car by cash, and I can pay the price which the previous customer gives." The shop keeper said they couldn’t break the contract. If he would like to reserve it, he must wait for ten days to pick up the car. When both sides were tangling for a while, Mr. Li took out a pair of nail scissors, walk to one side of the car and struck an scratch of more than ten centimeters, which made all the sales people present stunned. Mr. Li smiled and said to Chen Yu that now even if you called 110 to let me compensate the car, how about I pay for it right now instead? "It’s the first time for me to see the customer buying a car in this way, which shows Changan cars really become better and better." Chen Yu told the reporter in a tone as if he had no other choice.


"After product quality is improved, our sales consultants are more confident in communicating with customers. Especially EADO can even challenge JV models." Mr. Mei Lin, the chairman of Fuling Meilin Industrial Co., Ltd., introduced to the reporter that Merlin Changan 4S shop is beside a Hyundai 4S shop, and customers often compare and choose between the two shops. Last year Merlin Changan 4S shop received a customer Mr. Zhang who booked a Hyundai model before but waited and waited but still failed to pick it up. After EADO was launched into market he was deeply attracted by its fashionable appearance and reliable quality, then he chose to buy EADO even if he must compensate for cancelling order.

"Compared with previous years, we have more and more models, and the quality is better and better, which is a good thing for Changan and our Dealers." Mr. Mei Lin, also one member of Chongqing Minivan Dealers Association, has deep feeling for Changan products promotion. "Since last June Changan cars began to have qualitative change in Chongqing, and its dealers’loyalty has increased by 90%, which is rooted from the promotion of product power."
Pick up car: 
Encounter “happy worry”
"The rapid ascension of product power comes with customers’stronger demand on Changan cars." Mr. Tang told the reporter that since EADO was launched into market last March, the customer amount in Changan 4S shops of the whole Chongqing region significantly increased. Mr. Tang Wei even guaranteed to the reporter if there’re enough resources, the sales of Chongqing Changan passenger vehicles are expected to exceed 2,000 units in January of this year. Because resources were in short supply, customers couldn’t pick up cars sometimes in January. Mr. Chen Yi, the deputy general manager and maintenance station director of Hechuan Wanyou Sales Service Company said: "some short-tempered customers would conflict with our sales consultants sometimes, and it will be a happy worry for us."


On February 2nd when the reporter delegation came to Hechuan Wanyou Changan 4S shop, they met a local people named Liao Zeneng who waited to pick up the car. Mr. Liao has nearly 30 years of driving experience and he drove trucks and buses before in other places. When back to Hechuan in recent years, he has been seeking an inner-city SUV. At the end of last year when Mr. Liao saw the information of Changan CS35 on the Internet, he immediately settled on its product performance and economical benefits. On January 14 of this year, he went to Hechuan Wanyou shop to book one CS35 of the first batch, and the shop promised he could pick up the car on Jan.31st. However his beloved car hadn't been delivered to the shop due to shortage of resources. "Everybody wants to buy this car and go home in it, and I was settling on the CS35 in coffee color!" Through multilateral coordination, the shop promised Mr. Liao could get it before Spring Festival and spend the festival with easy mood.


Compared with Hechuan, Fuling whose economic conditions are relatively better has better sales. Meilin introduced that before the Spring Festival Meilin Changan 4S shop has more than 30 orders, but they dare not to accept due to the shortage of resources. According to his introduction, there are 11 cars in the showroom and garage, and 10 of them have already been ordered, only one car can be sold to customer. "A lot of customers require getting their cars before the Spring Festival, but we are unable to provide, so we can only communicate and coordinate with customers, or give customers some preferential measures, such as provide some free maintenance."

We sell not only products
Starbucks is not just selling coffee, but the service and atmosphere", Mr. Meilin said, although we have made very good achievement in January, we can’t be carried away by victory, and I also require my employees in the same way in Fuling Meilin Changan 4S shop. There are no products that can’t be produced well, only service that can be done badly. Merlin thought service is acquired, because car sales service is always an important factor for customer retention.


Mr. Tang Wei said for recent years Changan takes the idea of "affection, touching, rapid", and continuously launches service policies such as "understanding partner", "star service" and so on, which care for customers from the actual and improve customer satisfaction with sincere service. To improve service continuously has become one of the important reasons for Changan to realize sales promotion.
Mr. Xu Ze, the sales consultant of Chongqing Nanping Wanyou 4S store introduced to the reporter, that in the middle of January CS35 were sold very well, and it’s the time when the showroom held appreciation activity, customers who came to join the activity and buy the car were in an endless stream, and the 4S shop was jam-packed. In the crowd an old man of more than 60 years old suddenly felt dizzy, Mr. Xu Ze hurried to hold the old man onto couch. After enquiring the patient’s condition from the accompanying relatives, Xu Ze rushed in his car to buy several blood pressure medicines in nearby community drugstore for the old man. Luckily the patient awaked about 40 minutes later. After instructing to the manager and agreeing with other customers, Mr. Xu Ze let the senior patient to pay first and get the new car smoothly- - Changan CS35. Small actions reflect Changan’s care for customers.


In late January of this year, Mr. Wan from a county came to Nanping Wanyou 4S shop to buy a car. It's already more than 5 PM when he arrived at the shop. Mr. Wan said to the sales man in a hurry that I saw you have a new and nice-looking model named EADO from the Internet and I came to buy it on purpose today. And I had to go back today. The sales staff comforted Mr. Wan while he hurried to call to another branch company, "do well to help the customer for temporary license." It’s is already 17:40 when Mr. Wan’s guarantee slip was faxed to Nanping shop. (The Vehicle Management Department system was closed at 17:30.) The working staff got in touch with another branch company through various channels and let people stay in the shop. On one hand the working staff went to supermarket and bought bread, cake, mineral water for the customer, on the other hand he sent people to the branch company 5 kilometers far away for the temporary business license. It’s done until 18:30. Deeply moved by it, Mr. Wan held the hands of the sales personnel and said today I did not only see beautiful Changan EADO, but also Changan’s touching service."

After long-term accumulation of independent innovation, Changan embraces rich fruits of indigenous brands. In 2013 Changan will launch 8 models, RAETON, EADO•Zhishang XT,S301, C204, and Eulove are all indigenous models. While product, marketing and service are being promoted, Changan will take steadier pace.

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