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Changan EADO, H Series Gasoline Engine & CX20 Awarded &a

According to “the briefing of the General office of Chongqing Municipal Government Bulletin on the recognition of 2011-2012 annual Chongqing outstanding new products”,  “Changan EADO C201(SC7169) Series Passenger car””Changan H Series Engine” and “CX20(B301) Series Passenger Car” separately won first, second and third prize of the best new product award in Chongqing 2011-2012.


1. "Changan EADO C201 (SC7169) series passenger car" technology innovation
Fashion style: the design concept of "new flowing aesthetics", sharp is the main idea, it puts the dynamic and integrated technology into the details, fashion and prudent.

The super large space ?large space design and ergonomics performance: it applies the world leading RAMSIS software arrangement software to have comprehensive ergonomics analysis, carefully builds most  comfortable human driving posture; for the first time in the field of general arrangement, it brings the concept of vehicle posture process control and the inner trim antiglare virtual visual simulation design.

Safety - "China's new C-NCAP five-star safety crash test standard", setting a new benchmark for the industry safety.
Energy-saving technology ---- low wind resistance design. STT technology, and lightweight technology; listed into the "energy-saving products benefiting users project”, integrated fuel consumption as low as 6.2L/100Km, equivalent to the leading level of JV vehicles in the industry.
NVH- achieved and exceeded the level of the joint venture brands; it applies 15 noise control technologies, idle noise being only 38.5 db. (the industry average level is 45 decibels); Uniform noise at 69 DB 120KM/H, and acceleration noise level reaching the standard of JV cars.


2. “Changan H series gasoline engine" technology innovation
H Series platform is of high performance, high NVH quality, high reliability, low fuel consumption, low emissions, low cost, namely three highs and three lows.

(1) H platform uses six advanced technologies including direct injection, turbocharging, DVVT, low friction, high flow performance of ventilation system etc, the overall performance reached the internationally advanced level.

(2) The H platform applies DVVT (dual VVT), RFF (roller arm), small shaft neck, low tension of piston ring, high compression ratio and total of twelve fuel saving technologies; compared with the original products, it’s more than 21% improvement in fuel economy.

(3) The H platform uses RFF+HLA (roller arm + hydraulic tappet), hydraulic tensioning device, TVD (damping pulley) and low noise supply fuel etc., totally seven noise control technologies, vehicle idle noise can reach 38.5dBA.

(4) H platform applies the reliability test standards 150% higher than the national standard, bench reliability test accumulated more than 20000 hours, vehicle durability assessment of more than 2000000 kilometers.


3. "CX20 (B301) series passenger car" technology innovation
(1) Low rolling resistance tire application: it selects low tire rolling resistance, low rolling resistance tire tread patterns, the original rolling resistance coefficient 11.83 was reduced by 19.4% to 9.54; without sacrificing the active safety, control the braking distance in the target scope; the final vehicle fuel consumption reduction was0.18~0.20L.

(2) The asymmetric arrangement application of driver seat and front passenger seat: to fully refelct the design concept  in the car space, highlight the driver's space, so the space inside the car is made best of economic  cars.

(3) Analysis and optimization method based on acoustic packaging statistical energy analysis: to realize the middle and high-frequency noise analysis and prediction; reduce the acoustic material cost: through the analysis of the main noise transfer path, optimize the structure of heavy parts acoustic material, reducing RMB20 yuan of interior NVH part cost for every vehicle; improved the vehicle interior sound quality: improved speech intelligibility  on the base model from 109%AI to 125%AI, to achieve the joint venture vehicle level.

(4) Noise sensitivity control technology application: Through glove box components, IP module subsystems and vehicle level noise sensitivity of CAE calculation, four channel test, and through the body structure adjustment to optimization, the key regional noise sensitivity has been reduced from the base model by more than 20%, reaching the joint venture brand standard which is lower than 0.8.

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