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China's automotive brand breaking through and Changan g

This year China's own brand manufacturers are awfully busy participating in Shanghai Auto Show, Shenzhen Auto Show, Hong Kong Auto Show, Macau Auto Show, and Chongqing Auto Show, however, there is no news on their activities in the International Auto Show. At present, the word comes from Changan that Changan as the sole Chinese manufacturer will again take part in the Frankfurt Auto Show held in the middle of September in Germany. This is the second time for Changan to join in Frankfurt Auto Show as one of the five biggest Auto shows in the world since the year 2011. With the tiny growth in China’s automotive market, Changan is brave to race again in this show and gains much attention among the automotive industry.
Changan's Counterattack Showing Positive Energy in the Automotive Industry
The statistics data shows that: Changan has sold 257,100 units of passenger cars in the first half of this year and has 90.7% year-on-year growth, pouring into positive energy into China's whole tiny-growth market. Changan’s second participation into this event doubtlessly encourages China’s automotive industry and also consolidates the leading position of Changan among China's automotive industry. In the recent two years, Changan’s products are well accepted among the market, among which two models such as EADO and CS35 are best-sellers. And, the newly-launched medium& premium model RAETON makes a good start. In addition, the hatchback EADO XT will be launched soon and much anticipated. Changan's medium SUV-CS75 will debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show and will enrich our product line-up. Increasingly improved product quality and increasingly rich product line-ups are just the magic weapon for Changan to perform excellently in the market.
Changan's International Quality helping itself Participate in the Automotive Olympic Games
Being founded in 1897, Frankfurt Auto Show is the oldest as well as the largest international auto show and also recognized as the “Olympic Games” for the global automotive industry. This is the second time for Changan to participate in the Frankfurt Auto Show, since the first time in 2011. Capable of taking part in the global automotive “Olympic Games" for two times, Changan shows the growing confidence to the product quality, as well as the international strategy and vision as a Chinese car manufacturer.    The relevant responsible person from Changan says, the biggest change of Changan brand is that its products quality more matches international quality in recent years, within the system of the global R&D layout of “9 locations in 5 countries”. Changan highlights the spirit "professional", “technology" and "rational" in its R&D activities, the spirit also the global automotive "Olympic Games” attaches importance to. Changan has R & D centers in Italy and UK, these R&D centers making full use of the European abundant design and engineering resources, which makes Changan’s products absorb world's most advanced automotive technology genes, such as the Italian design and the British engine technology. This pushes the Changan’s product quality to measure up to the world advanced ones. By participating in this event, Changan present the achievements of Chinese own brands, the achievements shall never be underestimated by the world.
CS75 World Debut
It is reported that in the Frankfurt Motor Show Changan will present a medium SUV-CS75 from Chang CS family in a debut. Reportedly, Changan will invite the bosses from world famous car manufacturers to Changan Booth and communicate with each other face to face. On the occasion, Changan’s CS Series including CS35, CS75, and CS95 claiming matching European car quality will receive captious appraisal from the European automotive industry and media. Moreover, Changan will present Eado XT hatchback, Eado Hybrid, and Raeton and bring strong Chinese customs to the European audience.
It is believed that as the sole China’s own brand manufacturer, Changan will become the focus of European media.

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